59 East Rd. Martinsburg WV (1 mile off I-81).

  WE ARE NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK - 11: a.m.-6: p.m.


















304-904-6289 or 304-268-3633





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      You Can be approved in 15 minutes




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AND- we still have community finance available

* the same job for 12 months

*  net at least $1300 a month

*  valid drivers license or ID

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59 East Rd Martinsburg WV . Puppies Maryland, Puppies Washington D.C.,

Puppies Virginia, Puppies  PA   www.westvirginiapuppy.com

2- Minutes OFF I-81 Exit 16 E.(Rt 9) then 1.8 Miles to Eagle School Rd.

Go Left ------ then we're Right Behind McDonalds/Across from Big Lots





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This Web site is a reference for prices and pictures ...

we may have more than one puppy or we may only have one puppy left in each litter or even 2 separate litters.

Final purchase & final prices including all discounts will be made in person at WV PUPPY 59 East Rd. Martinsburg WV.





WE HAVE Beautiful  Puppies, Check Us Out For Yourself

WV PUPPY Is a group of dedicated family breeders

located in the West Virginia Panhandle area close to Maryland, DC, VA, PA

They breed puppies with Love and Affection. 

We are dedicated to the adoption of our Litters to deserving homes

Below are SOME of the Puppies that will be available at WV PUPPY













    Puppies For Sale , Close By

DC, Maryland, MD, Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Pa, Philly,       



Virginia, VA, WV, West Virginia, Leesburg, VA, DC .. www.WVPUPPY.com 






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Puggle, Toy Fox, yorkie,




Puppies For Sale Martinsburg, WV

Puppies For Sale Baltimore, Maryland

Puppies For Sale Washington, DC

Puppies For Sale Virginia

Puppies For Sale Pennsylvania

Puppies For Sale Pa

Puppies For Sale MD

Puppies For Sale DC

Puppies For Sale PA

Puppies For Sale VA







    Things you'll need for your new puppy:


* TEACUP SIZED PUPPIES: Feed Nutra-cal, (pet stores have this) about 1/2 teaspoon


for breakfast and bedtime for two weeks then just at bedtime for the third week.


(Search internet about hypoglycemia in small puppies)


* Royal Canin Brand Puppy 33 - Available when you buy your puppy and


at pet stores.. Our puppies have been on this since weaned from mom..


* Mighty Dog (Beef Dinner ONLY) --None of the other flavors..


 1 to 2 Teaspoons on top of Dry Food for a few days till


puppy feels comfy at home, then wean to dry food ONLY..


* Chew Toys, Plastic wiffle ball, A radio when left alone.


* Crock type bowls that do not tip over. LEAVE water.. ALWAYS.


** Dry Food ALWAYS (Leave Dry Food constantly available)


 for 1 week to 10 days till your vet gives you an


amount to feed twice a day..usually 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup or more..




www.WVPuppy.com TESTIMONIALS/Letters/Emails


My new baby Maltese is the most beautiful puppy in the world and I thank west virginia puppy

for her. She gets loving looks from everyone, People ask me all the time where I got her..

We Love Her So Much-----Thanks again west virginia puppy..Sherry & Harold.PS-..We Got Our Baby July 2012


WV Puppy helped me with picking out my new puppy in February 2011, and I am so excited, People AWWW at her

everywhere I go. My new baby Shih-Tzu loves the attention and so do I. She is very sweet and lovable.

Thanks to all at WV PUPPY! Ginny B.

Super Place- I received my puppy on May 21st 2007 and she is just the friendliest, greatest little fluffy ball of love I could have ever asked for.

I worked with the nice folks at wv puppy for 3 weeks before my purchase and they answered all my questions and concerns.

They provided a puppy kit to help make her new home as smooth and problem free as possible.

They have been quick to respond to my question's after the sale was complete too.


Tony & the girls are wonderful!!-  I have wanted a yorkie since I was a little girl. WV Puppy  made that dream come true today..

 WV puppy was clean, all the puppies were healthy, happy, and loved, and they even took pics of  our Chi-chi before we left.

They are wonderful people. I wish I could give more than 5 stars to rate them. Thank You , Love Paula, Jake, Ashley & Chi-chi


                                                    SUPER NICE people-We just purchased our Shorkie  from WV Puppy on 2/14/2007 and our little Bella is a-1 top of the line puppy.

                                                      They were very helpful and patient during the whole process. My 2 girls just love the puppy..

                                                      and we love how much these breeders care about the pups. SUPER is the best way to describe them and Bella.

                                                     We will  be going back for another puppy very soon. Elizebeth & Michael


 Superb People! I purchased a Yorkie from West Virginia Puppy and the experience was WONDERFUL!

My little sweetie has an excellent temperament, and WV Puppy are very concerned about welfare of their pups.

They provided me with lots of information which was helpful for a first time puppy owner and answered

 all of my questions and responded to my numerous phone calls. He came with a puppy guide, shot records, and was

well groomed. I would highly recommend this seller to anyone, and would do business with them again.


Please Feel Confident In WV Puppy - I'm a 3 Time Buyer

If you are thinking about purchasing a puppy from WV PUPPY, have no fear. They are ORGANIZED, professional and their

local breeders along with WV Puppy are experts on raising & handling healthy well adjusted puppies. I am so happy with my

Malti-Poo Abbey that I adopted in Jan 2007. My Maltese  Snow I adopted in March Of 2008 & my 2nd Malti-Poo Daisy I adopted

in July of 2008 ... I would recommend Them to all my friends and family!!!!!


GREAT To Work With* I purchased my yorkipoo in Aug 2008. I waited to leave feedback once I had the puppy

long enough to observe her temperament, her personality, & her color and size. I am happy with all of the above. She is beautiful with her

colors & markings. She is fully potty trained and is a very smart puppy. Great Breeding!!!!

I have no problems and am very pleased with my puppy.


WE ARE THRILLED--We are first-time puppy owners, but Tony at WV Puppy answered every question I had and sent me to the

web site to look at pictures, plus they gave us training guides, puppy care guides, you name it! June-Bug  is the perfect puppy...

she was paper trained within a week or two ... and she is so adorable I can hardly stand it. I recommend Tony & the Ladies at Wv Puppy to anyone

who is looking for an honest, knowledgeable, caring seller. Thank you so much for everything! She brings us so much joy every day!



puppies for sale - maryland, baltimore, anapolis, washington DC, Va, Pa.  ... puppies for sale maryland.